Feds give PJM waiver to delay annual power auction

Tom Johnson reports today in NJ Spotlight:

The federal government is allowing a delay in an annual power auction next month, a decision that proponents say will increase reliability of electricity supplies, but critics say could boost bills for consumers and businesses.

In a letter from the Federal Energy (Read more...)

NJ Audubon's All Things Birds

NJ Audubon’s All Things Birds

Seen in New Jersey: Get ready for an avian invasion
Neotropic migrants will be arriving en masse in the Garden State.

Alabama Part 3: Rarities

 [Gray Kingbird, near the “Goat Trees,” Dauphin Island, Alabama, April 20, 2015.]Rarities add a little spice to birding, not that the gulf coast needs much spice (the crawdads were almost as spicy as the birding!]  We tracked a couple goodies…

Alabama Part 2: Diversity – Warblers

[Kentucky Warbler, Shell Mounds, Dauphin Island, Alabama, April 21, 2015.  A male, as told by the bold black on the face. Getting this photo took all the stalking skills I could muster, since Kentucky is a notoriously elusive critter.  It was…

NJEnviro’s Facebook Wall 2015-04-26 11:47:38

View from the Cape: Week in review: 18 – 24 April, 2015

NJEnviro’s Facebook Wall 2015-04-25 23:30:04

View from the Cape: Spring’s Jigsaw Comes Together Perfectly

Thanks to BirdWatching Magazine for helping get the word out about what's changi…

Thanks to BirdWatching Magazine for helping get the word out about what’s changing in this year’s #WSB2015

World Series of Birding will feature Photo Big Day, new sharing rules – BirdWatching
We love May, and we especially love the World Series of Birding, hosted by New Jersey Audubon. This (Read more...)

"Trees are awesome…"

“Trees are awesome…”

Dear Future Generations: Sorry | Stand For Trees

Activist and Artist Prince Ea Releases New Video on Earth Day supporting Stand for Trees campaign Celebrity activist and spoken word artist Prince Ea launche…

Sweet Home Alabama, Part 1: Abundance

 [Part of a flock of 40 Indigo Buntings at the Shell Mounds, Dauphin Island, Alabama, April 19, 2015. Click to enlarge all photos]Some dear friends and I spent the past week on the Gulf Coast, which is where birders often go in April to witness th…

Pinelands Developments – Black Run Watershed, MOA Reform, New Sewer Plans, and More

The Pinelands Commission’s Policy and Implementation Committee met on Friday to discuss several matters (agenda and packet). After the meeting, the new Ad Hoc Committee to reform the MOA process met for the first time. Here’s a quick summary of what went on. 1. Black Run Watershed Plan This plan (Read more...)