3rd Annual Fall Migration Festival at The Wetlands Institute

Stone Harbor, NJ –The Wetlands Institute proudly presents its 3rd Annual Fall Migration Festival, Saturday and Sunday, September 19 and 20, 2015, from 9:30am to 4:30pm.  Join the Institute’s staff, community partners and volunteers as we highlight the amazing diversity of wildlife passing through the Cape May Peninsula during their migration. (Read more...)

2015 Citizen Conservation Award

It is with great pleasure that we present the 2015 Citizen Conservation Award to Donna Rothman – a year-round volunteer at The Wetland Institute (TWI) and a true voice for conservation in her community. For over ten years, Donna has served as a Wetlands Institute Summer Docent and Aquarium Care (Read more...)

Honoring our Donors

The Wetlands Institute invites you to join the Herbert Mills Legacy Society! Named after our founder, the Herbert Mills Legacy Society honors people who have left The Wetlands Institute in their will. If you have already done so, please let us know so that we can welcome you as our (Read more...)

2015 Summer Internships Overview

Coastal Conservation Research Program Environmental Education
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“Accidents,” “Improvements” and Why We Should Choose Our Words More Carefully

Language is a powerful tool, and the specific expressions we choose can convey ideas with broad implications. But in the struggle over word choice, our discussions tend to narrow into a frame of reference which can instill bias….

Take a Look At NJ’s #1 Ranked “Sustainable” Town

What’s Wrong With Woodbridge? Sewaren Sacrifice Zone Mayor is “doing a heck of a job!” In reading the news coverage of the new PSEG gas power plant, I was stunned by Woodbridge Mayor McCormac’s remarks in support of the project, where he bragged about issuing local approvals for a project (Read more...)

It’s On Again Tonight

[Velocity radar from http://weather.rap.ucar.edu/radar/ – just now, 9:44 p.m., Thursday night August 27, 2015. That ain’t rain – it’s birds.]

DEP Commissioner Bob Martin Discusses Progress in Hardening Critical Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Against Storms

Legislation Governor Chris Christie signed this week authorizing up to $1.94 billion in state financing for projects to improve drinking water and wastewater infrastructure includes up to $776 million to protect these facilities from storms and floodin…

Don Torino’s Life In The Meadowlands: Changing Seasons

Things are changing in the Meadowlands. Despite the oppressive heat of the last few weeks and what it may say on your calendar summer has gone. Nature has no date book, apps or IPhones. Rather, it prepares as it has done for eons despite our best efforts to take one (Read more...)

Pines exec hurled fastball win as team was still lacing up

How must it feel to be standing in the cleats of the New Jersey Pinelands Commission’s ace, rookie, relief pitcher Robert Barr. Denied? Relieved? Confused? Barr got called up this year from the political minors when his team was in big trouble. He…