Bobolinks Thrive at Bergen County’s No-Mow Zone

“Since the 1900s, bobolink populations in the northeast have been declining- with a 75% decrease occurring in the past 40 years according to the Breeding Bird Survey. Bobolinks are a grassland bird and a ground nester. The loss of North American grasslands and modern farming practices, that call for the (Read more...)

Is Christie’s Exxon enviro-settlement Paulsboro’s loss?

Paulsboro resident Natasha Lavard  fears that the Exxon settlement
will leave her town with a polluted site and insufficient cleanup funds

Environmentalists have been pounding hard for weeks on NJ Gov Chris Christie’s settlement with Exxon/Mobil over the costs of environmental resource damages incurred over decades of pollution at the (Read more...)

I Was Poisoned By The NJ State Police

This really happened  A Tale Told By The Perp In His Own Voice With the trombones blaring in the background: Ladies and gentlemen, the story you are about to [read] is true. The names have [not] been changed to protect the innocent. This is the City – Bordentown NJ – (Read more...)

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Cherry Hill East High School invites you to their 1st Annual Electronic Waste Collection Event on Saturday, June 06, 2015 from 9am-1pm
Cherry Hill High School East E-Day 1st Annual Electronic Waste Collection EventSaturday, June 6, 20159:00AM-1:00PMIn the main parking lot at Cherry Hill High School East1750 Kresson Road, (Read more...)

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Clean Ocean Action: Join us in Belmar urging Governor Christie to keep fighting for the Ocean &…

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Washington Crossing State Park |
Hike with history at a scenic park near the site of Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River and the Continental Army’s route to Trenton in 1776.

This man is literally walking around New Jersey! Mike Helbing, president of the…

This man is literally walking around New Jersey! Mike Helbing, president of the Metrotrails hiking group and Warren County’s recreation chairman, is on a mission to become the first person ever to hike the perimeter of New Jersey. So far, he’s logged over 1,200 miles! Read more in Michele Byers’ (Read more...)

My Neighbor Is Poisoning Me, Local Wildlife, Pets, and His Own Child

Mothballs Used As Illegal Pesticides To Drive Away Skunks That Is A Violation of Federal Law [Important update below] We have skunks in the neighborhood. I have a new, young, and very stupid neighbor. A few weeks ago, the skunks sprayed in the middle of the night, as they occasionally (Read more...)

NJ panel takes its anti-Exxon settlement show on the road

New Jersey Assembly Judiciary Chairman John McKeon today announced the committee will meet Wednesday in Bayonne to hear public comment on the proposed $225 million settlement between the Christie administration and ExxonMobil for the environmental d…

21.3 miles of shoreline have been impacted by the oil spill so far.

21.3 miles of shoreline have been impacted by the oil spill so far.

NOAA Update on the Santa Barbara Oil Spill
NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration is continuing to respond to the oil spill that resulted from a pipeline break at Refugio State Beach, near Santa Barbara, California, (Read more...)